Aco is a Nordic company producing skin care and medical products. Aco conducts research in its own development lab. Aco's skin care products are sold only in pharmacies in the Nordic countries. Aco's goal is to increase awareness and knowledge about healthy skin and to take steps forward in the development of skin welfare.


Avene products are manufactured by the French company Pierre Fabre. All Avene products are made using natural spring water, which soothes and protects the skin. The Avene series has been developed especially for sensitive skin. The products are tested by teams of dermatologists. 


Decubal is a skin care series for dry and sensitive skin, consisting of several different products.


Favora is a Finnish pharmaceutical cosmetic brand. This high-quality treatment series takes care of the special needs of your face, hands, feet and hair and consists of natural oils and active ingredients that have been proven effective. Continuous development, monitoring and testing all guarantee the high quality and effectiveness of these products.


Idun Minerals is a Swedish series of nurturing and protecting mineral cosmetics. It has been developed to suit all skin types, from dry to oily. The series includes foundation, powder, concealer, blusher, mineral powder, lip gloss and eye shadows and mascaras. There are also different make up brushes and brush cleaning products to choose from.

The basic products are made from 100% highly purified minerals. This means that they do not contain any nickel, chrome or micro-organisms, nor do they contain any talcum powder, oil, silicone, fragrances, bismuth, or preservatives, such as parabens - materials that may cause skin irritation, rash or allergic reactions. The products are organic and water-free, which prevents the spread of bacteria.


La Roche-Posay has agreed to promote cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology and bring solutions to everyday challenges identified by dermatologists. These products are made according to the needs and demands of dermatologists. Therefore, La Roche-Posay's three main principles are: safety, effectiveness and simplicity.


Lierac is a French skin care series that has the solutions to all skin problems. Lierac utilises the unique power of nature and plants by producing detailed and thoroughly tested solutions to the different needs of the skin. As an expert in repairing skin, Lierac is specialized in preventing the changes that ageing brings to the skin and in treating the skin. 


Louis Widmer is a Swiss skin care series. The products in this series are high quality, with the best possible effectiveness and optimized tolerance. Louis Widmer does not use animal testing. The products are developed and produced in Louis Widmer's own labs by Swiss dermatologists.


Sebamed is a nature-friendly skin care series that helps to maintain the balance and welfare of sensitive skin. The pH of the Sebamed-series is a skin-friendly 5.5. The whole series is based on products that are proven to be safe. These products support the skin's balance and protective mechanisms. Undoubtedly pure ingredients of pharmaceutical quality will keep your skin healthy and naturally beautiful.


Vichy is a French skin care series that is made using the mineral spring water of the French town of Vichy. Vichy products are only sold in pharmacies. The latest technology has been used in the development of these products and they have been developed by dermatologists for daily skin care.