The job of a pharmacy is to provide customers with the medicine they need and give relevant information to ensure correct and safe usage. On top of this, a pharmacy improves people's overall health by giving information and by selling products that help you maintain your health. The staff of a pharmacy is responsible for fulfilling these tasks.

The apothecary owns the pharmacy. In Finland, an apothecary is always a trained pharmacist. The organisational structure of a pharmacy has to be a trade name by law. This means that the apothecary is responsible for the pharmacy with his/her own money. It is a licensed operation so the apothecary must have received a pharmacy permit.

By law there must be enough staff in the pharmacy who have completed a pharmacology degree. This means pharmacists and chemists.

The tasks of a pharmacist include, in addition to customer service, management and administrative tasks. Pharmacists are responsible for providing good customer service, information and the training of staff. If necessary, pharmacists may deputise for the apothecary. A pharmacist must have a Master's degree.

The main task of a chemist is customer service and providing medication and information. They also manufacture medicine, take receipt of the dosage delivery orders and give information on OTC products. A chemist has a Bachelor's degree.

The tasks of a technical support person include all kinds of assistance work. For example cashiering, taking delivery of goods, shelving and storage. Their tasks do not require a pharmaceutical qualification. Technical support staff can have a chemist's degree or they can be trained at work.

The task of a cleaner is to take care of the cleanliness of the pharmacy.

The task of a Russian interpreter is to interpret in customer service situations between a chemist and a customer.

On top of this we have two trained cosmetologists working in our pharmacy. They can advise customers especially on selections of cosmetic products. They can also measure the moisture of your skin in order to find a suitable product.

The "I apteekki" pharmacy in Lappeenranta also serves as a training pharmacy. This means that sometimes we have pharmaceutical students here. The students work on pharmaceutical tasks under the surveillance of chemists. The pharmaceutical studies usual require a 6-month training period.

The ROWA pharmacy robot's task is to work as a storage facility for prescription medication and to deliver the packages to the prescription desk. The pharmacy robot has made the prescription delivery faster and storage easier.